LGAs Community degenerates into violence in Edo State

16:22 Feb 9 2022 Edo State

A dispute over land in two Local Government Areas (LGAs) of Edo State has degenerated into violence.

Residents of Oke-Oroma in Ikpoba Ohka LGA and their neighbours in Amagba, Obasagbon and Oworomi communities of Oredo LGA have accused each other of violent land grabbing.

Oke-Oroma indigenes claimed that they were the victims of incessant attacks by armed persons from thier neighbours.

The aim of the attacks, they argued, was to dislodge them from their ancestral lands.

The latest incident occurred in early April and they said they were forced to flee for their lives after several Oke-Oroma indigenes were killed in the attacks.

Those said to have been affected by the violence, including women and children, protested in front of their destroyed town hall.

They brandished placards bearing inscriptions such as “Edo State Government save us from attacks”, “Amagba, Obasagbon, Oworomi, leave us alone”.

They alleged that the attackers – mainly youths – were from the neighbouring communities of Amagba, Obasagbon and Oworomi in Oredo Local Government Area.

They said the attackers – armed with machetes and guns – often arrive under the cover of darkness, shooting sporadically and beating up anyone – young or old – that they met, with the threat of killing anyone who failed to vacate the land.

The community was devastated, with destroyed or burnt homes and other buildings and businesses dotting the landscape.

The Oke-Oroma people alleged that the invaders’ claims to the land was false, as Oke-Oroma had been in existence for decades.

A resident, Ozi Momodu, condemned the attack, accusing the attackers of land-grabbing.
Momoh said: “A river separates Oredo and Ikpoba Ohka and they want to take over our land.”

A woman, who also spoke on condition of anonymity, said: ‘They were shooting at us; we don’t know where we are now. Our children are not safe.

“We are crying for the government to come and help and rescue us.”
Another resident added: ‘They have finished selling their lands so they come to take over over own.

“We are not the same community with them.”

“It is not the first time they will attack us. They have threatened to kill us all. We are now living in fear,” yet another resident said in anonymity.

According to the residents, Oke-Oroma had always been peaceful until recently when youths of Amagba, Obasagbo and Ohuromi communities started invading their community, laying claim to their land.

They explained that during one such invasion, some Oke-Oroma youths, who got advance warning of the impending attack, repelled the invaders.

The invaders left, but with a vow to reinforce and kill the Oke-Oroma youths who challenged them.

“They declared Oke-Oroma sons wanted, dead or alive,” a resident said.

“Some of our illustrious youths who challenged them have fled for fear of being killed.

“People like Imaruagheru Julius Douglas, for instance, have all fled.”

The community appealed to the Edo State government and traditional institutions to come to their aid.

But members of the Amagba, Obasagbon and Oworomi communities denied involvement in the attacks.

They said their youths were being framed for something they knew nothing about.

The Odionwe of Amagba Community Comrade Joshua Edo said Oke-Oroma’s allegations were baseless.

“Amagba has no hand in it,” he said.
An Obasagbon native, who spoke in anonymity, also denied involvement.

He said: “They are the ones who crossed the river into Obasagbon and started shooting people, looting chickens from poultry farms; we Obasagbon don’t have any problems with them.

They have problems with Amagba; let them go and resolve the issue with Amagba,”

Another Amagba native, High Chief Kingsley Edo said he had petitioned the police about the incident.

He claimed that it was Oke-Oroma youths, led by Imaruagheru Julius Douglas that instigated the problem, adding that they were responsible for the death of some Amagba youths.

“We have told the police to find Imaruagheru Julius Douglas bring him to book otherwise our people are ready to hunt him down wherever he may be deal with him ourselves,” an angry Edo said.

However, Edo could not provide the names of those said to have died or any other evidence for his claim of deaths.

But Imaruagheru Julius Douglas who spoke to our correspondent on phone denied the allegations.

Douglas said: “They are the criminals. They want to steal our land.

They have sold all their lands to non-indigenes and now they don’t have much land for their people, so they want to take our own by force.

They have been coming to attack us from time to time like that. We are tired.

The government is not doing anything.

“Me and other Oke-Oroma youths heard they were coming to attack our community.

So we carried out vigil and waited for them.

“They scuffled with us when they came, but when they saw how many and determined were were, they ran back.

“Some of them who knew me are now targeting me for revenge.

They came back some days ago and burnt my father’s house during the attack.

Only God saved my parents. I don’t know how they escaped. They destroyed my community.

Now I can’t go back home because I hear they say they’re going to kill me and my family.

“We have reported to the police but they haven’t done anything.

We heard they have gone to bribe the police, so, the police are working for them and now I hear the police are even looking for me.”

The Edo Command police spokesman had yet to reply to an enquiry about the incident before press time, but a police source said the command was aware and was investigating.
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