Guber election: Tearing of political banners begin in Imo

11:22 Oct 25 2023 Imo State

The tearing of political banners has started by suspected political thugs in Imo state.

It was gathered in Owerri on Tuesday that where some streets that have banners of the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC, were torn to pieces.

However, it should be recalled that the ruling APC, imposed a heavy fee on other opposition political parties to the tune of N54,000 million in order to allow them to mount their political banners for the governorship rally.

However, this did not go down well with the opposition political parties who refused to pay. As a result, almost in every part of the state hardly you see banners of the opposition parties.

Major streets of Douglas, Wethedral, Egbu, MCC/Uratta, Orji, Owerri-Port Harcourt road, World bank, Amakohia, Akwakuma among others were covered with only Uzodimma’s political banners.

In these areas mentioned it could be sited that some Uzodimma’s banners have been teared down by suspected angry residents.

Trouble is said to be brewing, as residents continue to ask how only Uzodimma’s posters were seen in the state capital.

Since then, there have been allegations and counter allegations, leading to a heated arguments in some quarters. Some of them, who did not want to mention their names said they do not want to be persecuted politically.

According to some bus drivers, one Chilaka, said: “This is wrong. How can ony Uzodimma’s photos everywhere? Is he the only one contesting for governorship? We want the right thing to be done. It must be done rightly. Under the previous administration, we did not see these things. The intimidation is too much.”

Also, speaking another motorist, who identified himself as Favour, said: “The governor should allow everybody to campaign freely. We want peace in Imo. We do not want war. Stopping others from campaigning freely can bring issues. We do not need it now.”

However, a tricycle operator, a supporter of Governor Hope Uzodimma, who introduced himself as Mr. Ikem, plies between World Bank and Umuguma in Owerri west council area of the state, he laughed and said: “I do not understand this election. The opposition cannot pay N54 million. They are not ready for this election. We want those who are ready. It is all about money.”
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